CellAntenna Wireless is an authorized SOLiD VAR Systems Integrator with full design, install, commission and service certification.


SOLiD’s unique modular platform allows you to purchase only what you need when you need it allowing for easy future network expansions. The SOLiD Alliance multi-carrier DAS is uniquely designed to provide public safety radio, 2-way radio, and commercial wireless services on one system.

SOLiD’s high-power output requires less hardware and, therefore, costs less than comparable systems, while delivering superior performance. Solutions support all public safety and cellular services from 150/450 radio to 2.5TDD, with just one strand of fiber to each remote.

SOLiD Technologies Advantages:

> Flexibility – 2W, 5W, 20W and 40W NEMA-rated remote units can be integrated with a common headend, giving you more control and deployment options
> Small Footprint – The BIU, utilizing integrated POIs, maximizes services supported while minimizing headend rack space
> DAS Management – the DAS Management System (DMS) provides enterprise level interface between the DAS and your Network Operations Center

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