Takes the Worry out of Owning your Own System

Most DAS systems are installed with the customer fully paying for the entire system. The CAPEX model increases the risk that the system will become obsolete, often on the day it was installed. new technology comes along or perhaps additional requirements by the customer, forcing additional funds to be expended. As well all systems installed need to be services, and Service Level Agreements must be in place to insure a proper functioning system, protecting the large investment made by the customer.

When it comes to Public Safety signal requirements, many building owners are shocked to find out that building codes require the owner to supply police and fire department signals. All to often this is left out of budgets for construction .

Cellantenna can Take the risk away from owning your own system. We offer a full service program that offering all of the signal requirement needs in your building at a monthly rate. The ‘DAS as a Utility ‘ removes the financial and operational burden from our customer, and allows us to design, install and maintain the system.


, CellAntenna installs Public Safety and Cellular DAS with a minimal investment by the customer . As part of our services we handle all technology refresh – insuring that the installed system remains up to date with technology – all for a monthly fee.

Full Distributed Antenna System including:

  • Complete engineering
  • All approvals necessary for the DAS system, including Fire Department for Public safety , and T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon for cellular services.
  • Installation and commissioning of the entire system.
  • Service Level support with downtime guarantees
  • Technology upgrades with little adjustment to the monthly charge.
  • Max 2% increases in service charge.
  • Minimal investment of capital by the customer ( 20% or less)
  • 12 Year Contract guaranteeing service.
  • We can offer WiFi 6.0 and other wireless technologies in the same system , everything handled in one contract.
  • Private LTE CBRS registration and SAS pricing – Full sim card support including connection to your equipment by IoT devices.