CBRS for Private Operations

ericsson industry connect informationCitizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) provides exciting new opportunities for localized private wireless services. Leveraging the same LTE ecosystem as the large commercial networks but deployed in a “right sized” network for your operations, CBRS is revolutionizing private wireless communications. CBRS operates on dynamically licensed spectrum at a localized level facilitating such key applications as:

> Facility/Base Communications
> Industrial IoT
> Inventory Control
> Localized System Security and Communications

For over 18 years, CellAntenna has expertly delivered customized antenna systems for partners all over the world. Our team members are CBRS Certified Professional Installers (CPI), and can be trusted to support customer requirements from beginning to end. CellAntenna’s CPI team possesses the experience and knowledge required to optimize the installation. Utilizing the Industry’s latest OnGo certified equipment, we deliver end to end solutions for privately licensed networks.