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Cellular Communications Solution


FLORIDA RF SOLUTIONS  provides   professional engineering services for any wireless communication requirements , for small and large buildings, as well as corporate campuses and industrial complexes.

From site surveys and detailed system designs of neutral host and Private LTE systems  our experienced engineers with over 15 years of experience have  the knowledge and expertise required to deliver the optimal solution.

Florida RF Solutions  Full Engineering services include :

  • Site Surveys
  • Design Engineering for Cellular, Public Safety , WiFi and any wireless requirements for your operations.
  • Network planning
  • license coordination with cellular providers or AHJ’s
  • Service Level Agreement to keep your equipment functioning 24/7
  • Building RF measurements of your existing Wireless systems to insure that you are getting what you paid for and making sure it is working
  • Interference locating  – when you get a call from the FCC to fix something that is affecting something else

Our agnostic abilities to design using the right equipment for the right solution,  our team can design any system to meet your budgeting requirements.

Florida RF provides full Service Level Agreement capability including monitoring your system irrespectively of whether we have designed it or not. There is no system installed that we cannot make sure is operating optimally.


iBwave Certified Designs